I am a doctoral student in child psychology, completing my degree at the School/Applied Psychology Program at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I am part of the Resilience, Pediatric Psychology, and Neurogenetic Connections Laboratory headed by Dr Steven R. Shaw. My early training was in clinical psychology from Moscow State University where I worked with a variety of populations, from children with neurological diseases to street youth. My work at the ADHD Clinic at the Douglas Research Institute has resulted in a Master’s of Science degree in Psychiatry from McGill University in 2008.

I continue my close work with the clinical team and the principal investigators of the Pharmaco-Genetic Study of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at the Douglas Research Institute in Montreal (PIs and co-supervisors: Dr. Natalie Grizenko and Dr. Ridha Joober). Since the appointment of Vanier Doctoral Fellowship, I have launched the follow-up project for children that are being evaluated and treated at the ADHD clinic. This project brings together the efforts of psychiatrists, social workers, school teachers and psychologists in training to provide best longterm care to children diagnosed with ADHD.

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